Koi Names and Colors

Koi fish breeding has been occurring for around 200 years now. This has resulted in more than 12 amazing types of Koi. Each types has its own distinctive colors and patterns.
The head of the Asagi Koi shuld be an unblemished pale blue. It has reticulated scales that re blue-gray in color with a red underside and red in the pectoral fins.
asagi koi fish
This Koi has a white, orange or yellow background with black spots.
bekko koi fish
Five colors make up this Koi - red, white, black, blue and dark blue. They have reticulated scales and usually have a white body under
a pattern similar to Kohaku and Sanke.
goshiki koi fish
These Koi have a metallic body with patterns of yellow or orange.
hariwake koi fish
Are white bodied Koi with red markings. Colorations of this Koi have very distinct outlines where the colors do not blend or bleed into each other.
kohaku koi fish
This Koi has a snowy white background with jet black blotches.
kumonryu koi fish
Matsuba Koi come in a variety of colors, however they have a distinctive net pattern on their scales.
matsuba koi fish
Ogon is a Koi that comes in a variety of colors but come in one solid color. They can come in red, platinum, orange, white or cream.
ogon koi fish
Sanke Koi have white bodies with patterns of red and black. However their can be no black on the head.
sanke koi fish
Basically black Koi with heavy orange and red markings with very little white.
showa koi fish
White body with blue scales along dorsal line and a red underside.
shusui koi fish
These Koi have a solid white body with a bright orange spot on their head.
tancho koi fish


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      live koi fish

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