Outdoor Pond Heating For Your Koi Fish

There are a couple of reasons why you may want to be heating your outdoor pond. Firstly, it could be because you would like to enjoy your Koi fish all year round. In winter, Koi fish become dormant and do not eat or grow. Or secondly, you may want to limit the chance of your Koi fish getting diseases. From winter to spring, as the water warms up, Koi have a greater risk of getting certain diseases. By warming your water all year round, this takes away that risk.
There are a few warming devices you can get to heat up your Koi fish pond. There are electric pond heaters,submersible heaters, floating heaters and heat exchangers. I recommend submersible heaters for small to medium ponds and for large ponds - heat exchangers.
Tips for keeping your Koi fish pond warm:koi fish heater
1. Make sure your pond is at least 4 feet deep. Not only does this keep cats and raccoons away, it limits the amount of heat that is lost from the water. Shallow water can cool very quickly on cool windy days.
2. Waterfalls for your Koi fish can be great for oxygen levels and beautification but this also can cool your water during winter.
3. Do not raise the temperature too fast. Koi fish can not handle this rise in temperature. It leaves their systems more vunerable to disease. Raise the temperature a couple of degrees every 24 hours to about 82 degrees fahrenheit and treat the water with antibiotics.


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