Taking Care of Your Koi Fish

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Feeding Koi

Koi should be fed twice a day during the warmer months. Be very careful as to not over feed your Koi as this can affect the balance of your pond. A general rule is if they cannot eat the food you have given them in five minutes, you have fed them too much. If this is the case, make sure you scoop out the excess food. This will keep your Koi generally happy. Beware though, your Koi will beg for more food. Refrain from overfeeding.

Keep Your Pond Oxygenated

Fish need oxygenated water to be live healthily and thrive. Have you noticed that your Koi are often swimming around waterfalls or near the top of the water surface? If so, your pond needs more oxygen.
Firstly, proper maintenance of your pump is essential. Don't suffocate your Koi from neglecting your pond. Regularly clean your pump as to keep oxygenated water in your pond.
Secondly, check that you do not have an over abundance of plant life as these can deplete the oxygen in the water and suffocate your Koi fish.

PH Level of Your Pond

Koi fish like to have their pond's ph level between 6.8 and 8.2. However, they do not like having their pond's ph level fluctuate as this can stress them out. Keep a consistent ph level of your pond in the desired range.


Koi fish do like have their space. They can become stressed if they have to fight over every inch of space and every bit of oxygen. So if you are thinking that you want to have a lot of Koi - think large pond!
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